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Antique perfume bottles come in many forms and canberra antiques centre has a diverse selection including glass, silver, pottery and bakelite check online at our website. The first two bottles on the left in this second photo continue the style based on a single-colour bubble, apart from having a clear foot as on a wine glass they also have shaped stoppers, although somewhat simpler than the elaborate twists seen earlier. After changes to the australian import duties on inks, a local manufacturing works was established in the early 1930s by stephens inks (australia) ltd and in 1935, the company had a new two storey factory designed by architects bb wilshire & n hodges built on the pacific highway, north sydney. Beer & other alcoholic beverages bottles below right is a 1923 west australian glass manufacturers pty ltd beer bottle that uses the barrel in a circle trade mark similar to the above bottle in the centre below is a clear nsw bottle company beer bottle heel that takes the dating using agm to that year. Tag archives: dating services online dating guide to my old bottles were sometimes smashed to questions about the middle east of free important things you are always up an aussie, soda, tins, joint pain relief for pee lovers 1, 600 km south of rough glass bottles.

Latest update – 06 september 2018 the federation of historical bottle collectors (fohbc) is proud to announce that the fohbc 2019 50th anniversary national antique bottle [] featured stories 0 august 30, 2018 hartwig kantorowicz antique milk glass bottle still in use in australia posted on february 18,. Australian bottle australian bottle history for those interested in collecting antique bottles they will find that apart from the early 1820’s onwards convict pottery bottles and jars glass making was not sufficient to fill the young nation’s needs. Old mr stephens writing fluid ink bottle 0 results you may also like hero fountain pen ink refill bottle glass writing bottle blue 60ml school gift au $989 in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than australian dollars and are approximate conversions to australian dollars based upon bloomberg's conversion rates.

Glass bottles began to be manufactured around 1850 and were used for beverages, cosmetic products and household cleaning supplies determining the date of a bottle helps the collector to determine the value of the bottle before purchasing it or trying to resell it. All of the dating information on this site, including the following dating key, is based on the researched history and evolution of american glass making, specific glass maker histories, and the above noted regional research on specific - typically embossed - company/product bottles this body of information will be utilized and extrapolated to. In australia, bbq gas bottles must be tested every ten years it is illegal to fill a gas bottle that is past its expiry date but you are allowed to use it, past the expiry date, if it still contains gas. 1 x barrowfield scotland pottery ginger beer bottle probably over 100 yo 1 x pottery bottle probably 100 yo made in sydney for local ginger beer trade 3 x old worcestershire sauce bottles 1 marked this bottle is the property of newman mftg co ltd sydney 2 unmarked 5 x old glass bottle stoppers: 1 marked jkw 1 marked holbrook & co 1 marked holbrooks ltd 2 unmarked pair of coca.

Site update its been a while finally after 2 years i have got my act together to update this page still working on updates for the other pages, if your interested in bottles or insulators and not sure what's for sale please ask. Of early “straight-side” coke bottles, every possible variable must be considered the most obvious and dating and identifying early coca-cola bottles: focusing (mainly) on georgia and florida bottles style of early (ca 1905) root glass co coke bottles finally, with heel numbers in the low 400s, root dropped the. I have a real passion for the history of glass bottles and stoneware bottle collecting in australia i first became aware of the interest in bottle collecting back in the late 1960's when i was attending primary school. Also linked to the dating page is a sub-page called examples of dating historic bottles which tracks a few different bottles through a dating and general information quest to illustrate how the dating process and this website work.

Sea glass essentially comes from jars, bottles, tableware and other items that were discarded into the ocean via coastal landfills, shipwrecks, and the pre-recycling habits of people in the late 1800s and early 1900s. An australian glass decanter etched with kangaroos, lyrebird and koala, early 20th century, a pair of bohemian flashed and overlaid glass decanters, the first bottle with a whisky labelled stopper, the tall clear glass bottles flashed in red, blue and green,. Thirteen bovril bottles, discarded after the death of mary everett in 1908 each is embossed either ‘2oz’ or ‘4oz’ and ‘bovril, limited.

Bottles, 19, made by australian glass manufacturers during the 1930's to hold cosmetics, pharmaceutical and cologne products, of amber and clear glass, some with lids of plastic, others with cork wholly or partially intact, several with product remains. Colors of bottle glass the color of glass is based largely on the minerals used to make it while glass color is there are several other field guides for identifying and dating historic-period bottles, cans, and other artifacts one is the inter-mountain antiquities computer, system (imacs) field guide used by archaeologists in nevada, utah. Whitall tatum bottle shapes bottle in the 1902 catalogue, this shape was also used extensively by the melbourne glass works (and later australian glass manufacturers) this shape also became more prominent in the late 1900s and 1910s often seen with a sunken panel at the front for the embossing - the dating game: whitall tatum & co by.

  • If your bottle is english and has a registration number, check out this dating english glass page that shows the year for each registration number between 1876 and 1920 if you want further help on dating your bottle, then contact: reggie lynch at email [email protected]
  • Antique ink bottles related categories auction alerts it would be natural to assume that ink bottles date to the beginning of glassblowing and the written word, but prior to the 18th century, the most common form of ink was a cake or powder, which the writer would mix with water.

Glass beverage containers covered by south australia’s container deposit legislation include a range of containers used for beer, cider and soft drinks the legislation does not currently extend to glass bottles used for wine or spirits. Bottler: beer bottle fanciers from around australia drove to flowerdale to beat off international online bidders as hundreds of rare bottles changed hands at the weekend. Glass bottles lend a feeling of quality and luxury to your brand, and can be individualized by attractive labeling, or if you are seeking a bottle that stands out on a shelf, choose from our selection of beautiful and interestingly shaped bottles. Usually embossed on the base, marks may also appear on the lower heel area on certain types of bottles, especially sodas on earlier flasks, fruit jars, and soda bottles, and especially examples produced in the mid-nineteenth century period (1840s-1860s), the full factory name or initials may be embossed across the front.

Dating glass bottles australia
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